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The end of an era

We sold our house! This marks an end of an era. This house could be considered Studio Espinoza 4.0 and with each new studio space I learn and create a space that works better than the last. Continue Reading →

Interview and Article with FoundFolio

I use Agency Access to help with my marketing and one of their related services is FoundFolios. They interviewed me and published an article on their blog. To read more about my thought process and why I’m here check it out.



Marketing for Creatives

I am no expert on marketing. In fact after tens years of working as a photographer I’m barely getting off my ass to act on a marketing plan. Continue Reading →

The race to the middle

My recent vacation to a land where no cell phone or internet service exists opened up my eyes about what I use as inspiration and as a barometer of success.  Continue Reading →

Pescadero, California at night

Disconnecting from technology

The last time I remember not being connected to the world was the summer of 2006; on my honeymoon. I can’t remember if I even had a smart phone in 2006. If I did there was no way that I had the same reliance to ever-accessible technology as I do today.  Continue Reading →

It costs how much for one photo?

I get random calls from prospective clients that find me through a local search. This particular caller needed a photo for her business card. In photographer’s parlance, a business head shot. I have a minimum rate that it takes me to book a shoot. That minimum is based on my cost of doing business. It also takes into account my opportunity cost. Continue Reading →

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