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More lessons learned shooting in the water with my Aquatech

As with any new piece of equipment I like to spend enough time using it so that when it comes time for a commercial job I am familiar with the issues and know how to overcome them.  Continue Reading →

My Aquatech and 5D settings

I recently bought an Aquatech underwater housing for my 5D Mark III. I spent a lot of time researching the system but what I couldn’t find in my research was practical advice on what would be the best camera settings before I locked it away in the housing. Continue Reading →

Jackie Smyth

Starting out with the Aquatech

I love being in the water. Long showers, the ocean, the pool…whatever. It makes me feel alive. When I get the opportunity to mix photography with something that makes me feel alive the results are usually special.  Continue Reading →

The end of an era

We sold our house! This marks an end of an era. This house could be considered Studio Espinoza 4.0 and with each new studio space I learn and create a space that works better than the last. Continue Reading →

Interview and Article with FoundFolio

I use Agency Access to help with my marketing and one of their related services is FoundFolios. They interviewed me and published an article on their blog. To read more about my thought process and why I’m here check it out.



Marketing for Creatives

I am no expert on marketing. In fact after tens years of working as a photographer I’m barely getting off my ass to act on a marketing plan. Continue Reading →

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