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Claire Dellamar - Hollywood in the rain

Taking $5000 in camera gear out in the rain

It’s been about a year in the works but I finally pulled off a shoot in the rain. I came across a great shot taken in the rain that motivated me to make my own photos. The results I made a few weeks ago were worth the wait.  Continue Reading →

Riley Spencer Malibu California

Riley in Malibu

Riley contacted me a few months ago about helping her with her portfolio. Since then we’ve shot twice with great results on both occasions. Continue Reading →

11-11-2014 9-48-17 AM

Better business practices for photographers

  1. An occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person’s life and with opportunities for progress.

Continue Reading →



I occasionally submit images to blogs and fashion magazines. The money is never good ($0 dollars) but you never know when someone in a new audience will see my work and be motivated enough to want to hire me.  Continue Reading →

photo: Chuck Espinozawww.ChuckEspinoza.com310-571-5094

Shooting and creating new work

I am constantly shooting. I can’t sit idle for more than a couple days without feeling like my life is wasting away. More than anything this drive for me to go out and make new images has shaped my style and honed my skill. Continue Reading →

Nun Chuck - The Key Club

I can’t please everyone

When I first left the bank and started pursuing photography, industry professionals would ask what I wanted to specialize in. They would tell me that I needed a style and specialization in order to succeed as a professional photographer. I didn’t want to believe them. Continue Reading →

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