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The first roll of film

By on January 21, 2014

It’s been about ten years since I’ve shot film. The last time was during a surf trip to Costa Rica where I used an underwater 35mm camera. I have to admit I was anxious. I wanted to see the difference between my 5D Mark III files and the Mamiya. Since I’d never used the Mamiya I wasn’t sure what I would see as a result. Up to this point I had burned through a pack of polaroid film with horrible results. I was afraid the film would look the same.

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I want you to have something you can touch

By on March 6, 2013

I currently have 585 photos on my iPhone. I love my iPhone. It’s an amazing tool to have in my pocket; so much so that it’s the camera I use the most when I’m not being paid by someone.  When it comes to dragging a seven pound chunk of metal to Grace’s ice skating lesson I’d rather just reach into my pocket and pull out my phone. If you think the quality isn’t up to par, the following photo was printed at 20×16.  I bring this up because, like me, the majority of my clients have hundreds of photos on their phones and in their digital library that they never do anything with. If you are like me, most of those images don’t see the light of day. Maybe a couple end up on a blog or on Facebook, some end up on Instagram but for the most part they are left in digital purgatory and after a few months the special moment you wanted to document is lost. I took it as we were heading out the door to have our family portraits shot.

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Family, Kids, Maternity and Weddings

Photographing a proposal

By on November 24, 2012

As a photographer I get to watch and participate in a lot of momentous occasions. Whether it’s a wedding, birthday or birth it’s an incredible feeling to contribute to a family’s history. I love that my images will be cherished for a lifetime. Knowing that the photos I made will outlast me is pretty cool. Earlier this week I was referred to Jordan by a friend. Jordan was planning on proposing to his girlfriend and wanted a photographer to document the occasion. Other than my own proposal this was a first for me.

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