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Interview and Article with FoundFolio

I use Agency Access to help with my marketing and one of their related services is FoundFolios. They interviewed me and published an article on…

Marketing for Creatives

I am no expert on marketing. In fact after tens years of working as a photographer I’m barely getting off my ass to act on…

The race to the middle

My recent vacation to a land where no cell phone or internet service exists opened up my eyes about what I use as inspiration and…

Looking back at 2014

I told myself I wouldn’t make a slideshow again this year. Yet, here I am. After many hours struggling to find the right music and…

Claire Dellamar - Hollywood in the rain

Taking $5000 in camera gear out in the rain

It’s been about a year in the works but I finally pulled off a shoot in the rain. I came across a great shot taken…

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Better business practices for photographers

ca·reer kəˈrir/ noun An occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person’s life and with opportunities for progress.

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