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Working with a photography consultant

August 20, 2013

Hiring a photography consultant has been on my to-do list for a while. My goal with working with a consultant is to review and update my portfolio as well as get help with marketing.  About a year ago I started the process of finding a consultant but work got so busy that I decided it wasn’t the right time. A few months ago I started the process again and interviewed two different consultants. Because I had never worked with a photography consultant, my goal with the interview was to gather information about what was involved with the process, how long the process would take and how much I should budget for the project. Of the two consultants I spoke with I went with Sherrie Berger. My decision was based partly because she’s local to LA but mostly because we found a good rhythm during our initial conversation that I felt she would be a good fit for my personality and my goals. Sherrie described her “program” as organic, which in the end meant that without starting down the path it would be hard to predict where we would end up.

For our first meeting she came to my office which was hugely beneficial. We started with a review of my website which  led us to discuss and review various shoots in my archive. We spent a couple hours reviewing my work and discussing my business. Having someone else critique my work was a bit uncomfortable. It had been years since I sat down for a portfolio review and although uncomfortable, it also meant that the dread of a stagnant website was coming to an end. Unlike a portfolio review where someone is looking at the 20-30 images I deemed worthy of review, Sherrie was able to look at entire shoots and pull images I had skipped over or didn’t think were right for my portfolio. In addition to reviewing archived shoots she was able to suggest options to consider for my next shoot. Over the course of the next month we worked together to fine tune my portfolio and website. It’s still a work in progress but in that short time period we completely revamped my website by digging up gems in my archive as well as scheduling new shoots. The plan was to work together on a month-to-month basis and as the  month was coming to an end my schedule for the following month wasn’t going to allow time to commit to Sherrie’s assignments so we took a break. Having the flexibility to start and stop the process was invaluable.

Despite Sherrie leaving me with assignments to work on I found that not having her to coach, encourage and motivate me made it easy to put off my homework. It’s incredibly similar to working with a personal trainer at the gym. Sherrie kept me motivated and more importantly she kept me accountable. Please check more info by reading our home ab machines reviews.

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