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The best camera ever built

April 30, 2014


For the past few months I have been lusting over the new Fuji cameras. I hear rave reviews about the quality and I long for a camera and lens package that doesn’t weigh five pounds. I even went as far as buying a 40mm pancake lens. I figured it was small and light enough that it would be a great walking around lens. I’ve used it once. The sad truth if that it pales in comparison to my 35mm 1.4.

The reality is that unless a camera fits in my pocket I won’t carry it with me. And unless that camera also allows me to listen to music, email, call and read I’ll most likely leave it at home too.

Let’s face it, the iPhone is an amazing camera. I’ve made prints as large as 18×12 that looked amazing. I can lust after Fuji’s, Sony’s and Leica’s all day but they aren’t going to take better photos if they aren’t with me.

The above shot was taken last week while scouting out locations downtown. Shot and edited with the phone in my pocket. This post was made using that little device in my pocket.

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