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Just Make Me Look Good

October 21, 2009

For a lot of people having their photo taken is a painful experience. Hopefully my experience, direction and results put my clients at ease. Last week I ran into an old friend who needed a new head shot. Jenica has been a successful actor for as long as I’ve known her and I was honored that someone who has had numerous photographers shoot her head shots trusted in my ability.

The great thing about working with successful working actors is that they know what they want and they know what works. When I work with new models or actors often they haven’t come to a place of understanding the commerce of  the advertising and show business. What photo will help sell “you” and in-turn help a company market their product? Do you make the clothes look good? Will you play the perfect housewife in the new TV drama we are casting for?

Jenica is funny. She plays the funny part. When I asked her to be sultry she was taken back. My goal is not only be able to provide what you are asking for but also to provide you with options you weren’t thinking of.  The results turned out great. I hope that as a result of our work together she’ll book a ton of new jobs and cut me in on her residuals.


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