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Playing in the water

September 23, 2014

This past summer I rekindled my love of the ocean. Shortly after I moved to LA from Texas I learned to surf. I surfed for a lot of years but eventually grew tired of it. In LA the waves are usually crowded, the water is cold and the best time to surf is early morning. I began to focus on these negatives and forgot the reason why I was out there in the first place. To have fun. This summer I started paddling out with the sole intention of having fun. I remembered how much I loved being in the ocean. I love it’s beauty and it’s power and love how small it makes me feel.
With that enthusiasm I started shooting stories in the water this summer too. It was a fun and unique experience and every shoot was different. Just like my new intentions to paddle out and have fun, I had the same intentions with my photos in the water. I had a seven year old Canon G9 and a couple of 35mm underwater cameras. None of which are state of the art. The goal was to have fun and shoot something different. The following are just a handful of samples from a shoot with Sierra Fisk. There are dozens of amazing photos from this session.

Sierra – Canon G9
Sierra Floating
Sierra Floating
Nikonos film scan
Nikonos film scan

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