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More lessons learned shooting in the water with my Aquatech

September 22, 2015

As with any new piece of equipment I like to spend enough time using it so that when it comes time for a commercial job I am familiar with the issues and know how to overcome them. With the Aquatech housing there has been a steep learning curve. Locking my camera in a box and losing so many controls means I have to know exactly what my settings should be before I lock the camera away. So far with each shoot I’ve learned something new. I am using the Aquatech DC-5 V2 housing with a backplate for my 5D Mark III. My latest experiment….can I use my 7D in the housing?  The answer is yes. The downfall is that the backplate buttons don’t match all of the back 7D buttons but I have enough functionality that it still works. I have a pistol grip on my housing which allows me to trigger the camera and the info button on the back of the 7D allows me to adjust my exposure settings.

Why use my 7D instead of the 5D? For the past three shoots I have shot at the beach and because the waves play a huge roll in what kind of shots I can pull off in the water I’ve found myself shooting a lot of stills in shallow water or on the sand which doesn’t require the housing. With the 5D locked in the housing that’s left me using the 7D for these portraits and to be honest the 7D is such an inferior camera and my workflow and lens selection is suited to the 5D. I’d rather lock the 7D in the housing and use the 5D and 70-200 for my portraits.

For my most recent shoot that combination worked out great. The 7D isn’t as solid at finding focus and I missed a couple shots but because the water shots are so unpredictable I’d rather have the 5D available for the photos I know I can control. Another lesson I learned is about setting the focal points to center for both horizontal and vertical. I went with daylight color balance in program mode with auto ISO. The following are samples shot with the 7D in the housing as well as 5D and 70-200.

Caroline Godsick - Ocean shoot
Caroline Godsick – Canon 7D
Caroline Godsick - 5D Mark III
Caroline Godsick – 5D Mark III

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