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2015 – The year I spent in the water

February 3, 2016

As I look back at 2015 it will be defined as the year I spent in the water. Having ponied up for a professional grade camera housing for my DSLR it opened up the possibilities of what had been fun experiments to full-fledged commercial shoots. 

I love the water. Being able to integrate my love of photography with my love of the water created rewarding images. My year started out creating my own rain. Having spent sometime working with special FX crews I knew the challenges of working with and shooting in rain. I managed to overcome the challenges by creating my own working spaces both inside and outside to get the look I wanted.

Adriana Leonard
Adriana Leonard – Rain shoot

As spring rolled around I started working in pools. Prior to 2015 my underwater work was all shot with 35mm film or point and shoot digital cameras. Having my DSLR in the water opened up new possibilities and resulted in images I wouldn’t have been able to make without a professional grade camera.

Adriana Leonard & Claire Dellamar photo:
Claire Dellamar – pool shoot

As El Nino started blessing SoCal with warm ocean temperatures I spent a lot of time shoot in and around the ocean.

Courtney Burton - Hermosa Beach Photo:
Courtney Burton – Hermosa Beach
Jackie Smyth - Ocean Shoot photo: Chuck Espinoza instagram: chuckespinozaphoto
Jackie Smyth – Ocean Shoot

As more of my work in the water began to hit social media and marketing channels I started getting requests to integrate this work into commercial shoots. This was one of my final shoots for the season for a designer that felt the fluidity and beauty of the underwater shots would be a great fit for her marketing material.

Velana Luxury Designs model: Selma Kosuta Photo: Chuck Espinoza
Velana Luxury Designs

2015 was a great year filled with many images I am very proud of. More than anything else it was fun creating all of these images.


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