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Shooting in the rain

March 21, 2016

So much for El Niño dumping rain on Los Angeles this winter. I had high hopes for these great shoots in the rain but came to the conclusion that shooting in the rain isn’t all I had hoped it would be. Last year I built a couple sets where I could use water as an element in the photo. The shots were great, I had control of the light and the water and the model wasn’t tasked with walking around in a freezing winter rain.

Taylor Olandt - shower/water
Taylor Olandt 

This winter I managed to rope a couple models into heading out in freezing rainstorms in the hopes of getting a great shot. My first shoot was with Taylor at the Griffith Observatory. I had these grand, picturesque shots in my head of the architecture and environment. But as we climbed the hill the fog began to close in on us. When we reached the parking lot I had to ask someone how close the observatory was because I couldn’t even see it. Turns out it was only a couple hundred feet away.

Without a backlight it doesn’t look like rain. We were left shooting in a grey, cold, foggy mess.

Taylor Olandy - Griffith Observatory Photo: Chuck Espinoza
Taylor Olandy – Griffith Observatory

For my second shoot in the rain I headed to Hollywood to shoot Claire. I decided that a walk around Hollywood should give me the vibe and look I wanted for the shots. As always murphy’s law prevailed. As soon as we walked out of Claire’s apartment in Hollywood the rain stopped. We pushed on and looked for locations that would help sell the story. The rain picked up and the wind added a touch of drama. Despite walking around in the rain for about 30 minutes by the time we called it Claire was barely wet. She was freezing but it didn’t read like the photo I had in my head. I guess that’s why we hire special F/X crews and create our own rain, to make sure it works.

Claire Dellamar - Hollywood Rain photo: Chuck Espinoza
Claire Dellamar – Hollywood Rain


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