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Trying to keep it fresh

August 27, 2016

I face a weird predicament. I don’t like shooting the same thing. It drives me crazy to feel like I am repeating myself and shooting the same photo over and over again with different models. Yet, it seems that’s what the industry craves.  Many creative and art directors like the idea of knowing that photographer A produces images that look always like X.  It’s a safe strategy on their end. They need a predictable format to produce content under the constrains that they are under. I see it on Instagram too. Homogeneous feeds where every image looks like a slight variation of the prior. So which is right? Do I continue to shoot for me, experimenting and exploring concepts that suit me or do I try to accommodate an industry standard by molding myself to a specific flavor?

I know the answer….I  can’t allow myself to get bored with photography. I’ve been in work situations shooting images I don’ feel passionate about creating. I’ve had a career where every day I hated what I was doing. What’s the point of that? I have the luxury of choosing this career so I better allow myself to have fun.

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