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I don’t take snapshots

October 19, 2016

At some point I stopped using a camera to document what was right in front of me.¬†It was probably after I started using my camera for commerce. The camera became a tool to make a photo that was used to sell something, someone or someplace. When I look back to my early photos they were of my friends, my surroundings and those that I loved. Eventually it became easier to pull out the phone in my pocket than it was to lug around a giant DLSR. I feel guilty about this and over the course of many years I have thought to myself that I should carry a camera around with me everyday. I still haven’t taken up that assignment.

I write about snap shots because a couple weeks ago my son took a nasty spill on his scooter. After the initial shock and need to get him cleaned up and checked out my first thought was to grab my camera. The phone in my pocket wasn’t enough to document the event. Over the course of the following ten days I shot a lot of portraits of Charlie. It reminded me to take more photos of the people that I love.

And if you wanted to know where the fountain of youth is….It’s in little kids. These two shots were made nine days apart.

Nine Days Apart
Nine Days Apart


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