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The weight of the world has been lifted

October 26, 2016

We have been looking for a new home to buy for about 18 months. During that timeframe we sold our house in a head-spinning eight days and then pulled the trigger on a condo that was willing to do a six month lease. The condo was only supposed to be a pit-stop, yet 14 months later we were still there with the increasing frustration of not finding a home to buy. When a great house came up for rent we jumped at the chance and threw in the towel on trying to buy a home in this crazy market. With the move the kids have a giant back yard and I now have a place to use as a studio. We’re now six weeks into the new house and I’ve managed to get the studio ready and schedule a handful of shoots.

Shooting makes me happy. Shooting keeps me inspired. Shooting works my creative muscles. Over the past year I didn’t spend much effort trying to shoot because the space I had in the condo wasn’t more than a place to hang seamless. At the new house I have room to work, room to experiment and easy access to all my equipment.

Brooke Sanny photo Chuck Espinoza @chuckespinozaphoto
Brooke Sanny
Claire Dellamar photo : Chuck Espinoza
Claire Dellamar
Taylor Olandt - Fashion Portraits Photo: Chuck Espinoza @chuckespinozaphoto
Taylor Olandt


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