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Just act like nothing is wrong

November 8, 2016

Equipment failure and equipment issues will happen no matter what. Sometimes equipment failure is easy to deal with, other times it’s catastrophic and you have to adapt. Early on in my career the shutter went out on my camera towards the end of the shoot. I never mentioned it to my client I just wrapped up the shoot and acted like I wasn’t freaking out. Lucky for me I already had the shot because I didn’t have a backup camera. That was the last time I showed up to a shoot without a second camera body.

During my shoot this week I kept trying a high speed synch shot with my Elinchrom pack but kept having issues. I changed batteries, changed pocket wizards but for the most of the shoot I wasn’t able to pull off what I wanted. It wasn’t until the end of the shoot that I realized that it was a matter of using the right type of flash head on the pack. For the entire shoot I would try the HSS shot and come up with issues and have to change my lighting plan on the spot. I never mentioned the issues to the model or stylist. It’s not their problem.

As a professional it’s my responsibility to be able to either fix an issue or overcome an it. It’s only by shooting a lot and being in these types of situations that a photographer can learn how to adapt.

The goal for the HSS shot was a super shallow depth of field while using the strobes. The following was shot at 1/8000 at F1.8 using an Elinchrom Ranger and Pocket Wizards TT5s. I love the falloff of both the light and the depth of field.

Sierra Fisk Fashion Portraits Hair & MU - Sura Radcliffe Photo Chuck Espinoza
Sierra Fisk Fashion Portraits
Hair & MU – Sura Radcliffe

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