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December 5, 2016

I’m in the midst of switching photography consultants and I interviewed two consultants over the past couple weeks to see who is a better fit. During the calls the goal was to fill them in on my marketing efforts, my photography and get their thoughts on the direction of both. When discussing what I had plans to shoot in the near future I mentioned the need to get back on the pool for more underwater work. One consultant made a comment questioning the economic validity of my underwater work. That stung. That’s like telling a parent their kid isn’t cute. Granted she’s right, the underwater work I shoot is the nicheist of niche. But, like any proud parent, it’s mine. I enjoy it. Regardless of it’s quality I love it.  I thrive trying to create new and interesting underwater images.

There is no right way to attract art buyers and win jobs. But what I have heard and learned for myself over the years is to shoot for me. Shoot what I am passionate about and hopefully that passion and creativity will shine enough to attract eyeballs. I no longer feel the need to show how qualified I am at shooting portraits on seamless.

This week I found myself in the pool with one new model and one I had worked with previously. I shot in the same pool I have shot most of my underwater pool shots (a fellow photographer’s). Like using a new piece of equipment or shooting in a new photo studio, each time I shoot I learn something new. My experience last week in the pool was no different.

Being my first winter shoot, the sun is in a different place in the sky and I shot early enough in the day to have both shade and full sun. The more I shoot the more I learn what works best. With that experience comes new and interesting work.

Jennifer Mae Underwater Pool Shoot Photo: Chuck Espinoza @ChuckEspinozaPhoto
Jennifer Mae
Kat Levy - Underwater pool shoot - Chuck Espinoza Instagram: ChuckEspinozaPhoto
Kat Levy


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