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Trying to shoot in new ways

March 1, 2017

With the advent of Instagram I am inundated daily with ideas and inspiration. Sometimes it smothers me and I feel like my work is less-than. Other times that inspiration feels uplifting and makes me want to go out and shoot. I had some free time over the past couple weeks and used that time to shoot with the goal of shooting something different. I follow a handful of photographers that are masters at low key. I admire their photos and it motivates me to experiment. I strive to make work as dark and mysterious as theirs. My photography tends to be well-lit and mostly bright but I want to add variety to my work. It’s what keeps me shooting for myself when I’m not working.

The problem with me shooting new ideas is that the learning curve sometimes gets me down. When images don’t look like I want them to I  often default to my safety zone. The problem with me shooting images that are within my style is that I get bored. Been there done that. For this shoot we started with my usual MO. I packed lights and lit the world. I hated those shots from the day.  Luckily not liking the shots reminded me that my goal was to step out of my comfort zone and get something different.

My goals were to: Go dark. Don’t be afraid to shoot shadows. Get something new and interesting while still being true to my vibe.

I left inspired. I got some new images I like that were made outside of my comfort zone. It keeps me motivated to keep shooting.

Katya Linnik
Katya Linnik



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