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Looking back at the work I shot on film

March 10, 2017

I recently bought a Taschen book on Polaroids. It was a great reminder about the greatness that an imperfect polaroid can be. For a solid year I was the proud owner of a Konica Instant Press Camera, an amazing rangefinder polaroid with manual controls. When Fuji announced they were no longer going to manufacture FP100c film and the prices skyrocketed I decided that I would let it go. In that year I shot hundreds of polaroids. I loved the immediacy and the fact that the quirks and imperfections were part of the charm. Imperfections in my digital shots are usually discarded.

The book motivated me to revisit my polaroids and it also took me to the shots I made on film over the past couple years. Even though I wasn’t happy with the results of my film shots last month, when I look at my film shots as a whole I see a lot of great things. Like the polaroids, there is a lot of quirkiness in my film shots that I don’t see in my digital work. The happy accidents make the cut on film while I often I throw away the accidents when shot on my DSLR.

I’m always trying to make new work as well as keep myself motivated to shoot. Taking a look at my film reminds me it’s good to make mistakes and to embrace the imperfections and possibilities.

Canon WP-1 underwater 35mm
Canon WP-1 underwater 35mm
Yashica FX3 35mm
Shayla Quinn – Konica Instant Press Polaroid


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