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Super Bloom!

May 16, 2017

Here in California all we have been hearing and reading about is this season’s “super bloom”. As a result of all the rains we had this past winter the desert and wildflowers are having a banner year. A quick search reveals tons of incredible images of the wildflowers across California.  So what does any photographer in his right mind do, grab a camera and head to the desert. In this case we headed to Lake Elsinore, California. I enlisted the help of Sura Radcliffe to help with hair, Stace Ellis to help with makeup and hair with Claire Dellar and Amber Eisman as models. We all chipped in to help with wardrobe.

When we got to Lake Elsinore, loaded with gear, not knowing exactly what our location would be we came to the conclusion that a long hike to find the best flower field was not in the cards. It worked out that just off the freeway we could walk up the hill to shoot in flowers.

Lesson learned. We chose Lake Elsinore because that’s where social media said the flowers were the best. In reality for the purposes of photography I could have found (and later did) the same look without a two hour drive.

Makeup artists and Hair Stylists : Sura Radcliffe and Stacey Ellis

Claire Dellamar

Claire Dellamar
Amber Rose Eisman

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