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It’s all a matter of perspective

April 22, 2017

Last week I was in a foul mood. I had three photo shoots fall through and one of the models couldn’t even be bothered to return my email. I’ve been shooting models in LA for about 14 years and I’ve gotten used to the game, but sometimes it still gets to me. I honestly don’t know if it’s a model/actor thing or an LA thing. Regardless I was grumpy and ended up on Instagram and felt even more disillusioned.  My feed was once again filled with model selfies and photos of the fantastical lives of the Instagram famous.

To each his own. As a photographer I view Instagram as a creative tool. I like to share images but if I am honest I get more out of it as a viewer. I love being exposed to creative and new images that I don’t see in the commercial world. But I sometimes get sucked into following the bread crumbs that lead to “pretty”. But as we all know it’s become a game. For those who strive for “Public Figure” status and crave the title of Influencer, social media has morphed into a game.

So I went on a cathartic delete session. And just like a good unfriending session on facebook it felt amazing.

Today I found the other side of the coin. The one that makes me love Instagram and love photography. Instagram is filled with amazing imagery and creativity, sometimes it’s shot by someone down the street, sometimes it’s shot by a kid in China. Selfishly, I just want to be entertained and inspired. Today I found both and hopefully my feed will continue to produce similar results.

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