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If I’m bored with my photos then so are you

June 8, 2017

My current photography consultant pointed out an image during our website edit and suggested I make more like it. The photo of Chanelle is a great portrait. Piercing, riveting, beautiful. Something that a client, photographer or subject would be happy with. I went about booking models and trying to make some more magic. After a handful of shoots with the intention of making a similar portrait I found myself frustrated with boredom. It’s a simple black and white portrait, and shooting different versions of them was killing my soul.  So I stopped.

Chanelle Riggan

When I’m shooting personal and portfolio work I shoot for me. Yes it’s in hope of walking away with great marketing material but if I’m not into it then I need to walk away.

Yesterday I was reminded what I need to do to feed my photographic soul. I need to create beautiful and interesting images that excite me enough to want to do it again.  Each time I encounter a shoot like that; be it underwater or on the ground I’m inspired to want to do it again. This week’s shoot with Brittany O’Connor was magical.

Brittany O’Connor

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