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Tiffany Selby Swimsuit Shoot

Our model award of the day goes to Tiffany Selby. After about a year of schedules that wouldn’t line up we finally were able to get together for a shoot. As luck would have it we had beautiful southern California blue skies and freakishly strong winds. Being on the sand at 8:30 AM in a swimsuit is one thing; mix in a temp in the mid 50s and 10-15 mph winds and it tends to get cold quick. Knowing that we would only get a handful of shots before goosebumps made the photo shoot worthless I had her stay warm until the lights were set (yes I bring lights to a sunny day at the beach).

Tiffany is a pro and we actually managed to squeeze in two sets before we called it. We decided to come back to the studio to shoot more rather than put her in morning traffic to go home. We worked on portraits and more swimsuit looks. This was a stand-out beauty portrait. To see more of her work check out TiffanySelby.net