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As we start a new year I decided to take a look back at the photo shoots and assignments I shot throughout 2008. The video is comprised of one still from each shoot. You’ll notice a whole lot of images of our daughter Grace; adding her to our family was the most incredible experience I have had.

The slide show is set to a song by Vampire Weekend. This was my favorite album of 2008 and every time I listen to it it fires me up. And FWIW it’s taken me three days to get the slides synched up with the music in a way that I like.

Thanks to all who participated in my photography this year.

Chuck Espinoza Photography – A Slideshow of 2008 Photography from Chuck Espinoza on Vimeo.

(The slide show was produced using ProShow Producer. A great program but it adds some sort of compression to the images that makes them look a little soft. I also opted to use vimeo to host because they don’t add their own compression like Youtube does.)