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I got called for a last minute job to shoot some hi-tech surfboards for the University of Southern California Engineering Department. We decided that photos shot from the water would add the most punch to the story so that meant renting an underwater camera or water housing for my camera. Locally they rent old Nikonos 35mm film cameras but with the time constraints; having to process and scan the film wasn’t the best option. (you remember that stuff you used to have to load in a camera?) Option B meant renting an underwater housing for my Canon 30D. Samys rental recommended “the guy” in town who rents underwater housings for cameras. My experience this morning while renting the housing did not instill a lot of confidence in me. Here’s a test shot of the confidence inspiring shop.
After 45 minutes screwing around with the owner and him complaining that he can’t find anything in his dump of a store, he told me that he didn’t have the right parts to complete the housing I needed. He said he did have a housing for a 5D, which i don’t own.
Next thing I know I’m renting a $2000 camera body despite the fact that i have two camera bodies in my bag. Back to sketchy camera housing shop for “instructions” on how to use the housing and how he “hopes” everything is fine. (of course it’s all my fault for coming in same-day without a reservation.
Say a prayer. I’m suiting up in a wetsuit and flippers tomorrow. Let’s pray that everything works like it’s supposed to.