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I was reviewing the images on my website and wanted to look back at all the shoots from the closeup portrait series. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the series. It was another exercise for me in portraiture. It was my second series and I used the same lighting, background and look for all of the shots. Most were shot wide open at F1.2 using natural light.

With all of my portrait or fashion sessions I like to take some time for both me and the subject to “warm up”. When I’m working with someone for the first time I try to get to know them and especially get them to relax. In the case of the closeup series I asked them to bring a wife-beater tank top and an outfit of their choice for some photo options. Most of these sessions lasted 15-20 minutes.

The first person I met and photographed was Anthonio, an inspiring actor and director. The image without the shirt was cropped and used in the series.



I met and photographed Noah the same day. The birth of his first born was eminent and because I had a two year old daughter at the time, I was able to relate to what he was about to experience.



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