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My photography is centered around two main subjects, people and architecture.  My interest in photography began at the age of 13 with a 35mm Pentax my dad brought home from Vietnam. When I was 13 we lived in Anchorage Alaska and my photography was mostly of my friends and skateboarding. My hobby continued through the early part of high school but then I lost interest as I let go of skateboarding. In college I found a love for the stock market and pursued my goal of being a financial analyst. In the fall of 2000, while working as an analyst for an investment bank, I took a trip to Europe which reignited my passion and interest in photography. I came home with 26 rolls of film and a renewed love for photography.

As I grew disenchanted with my career as an analyst I began to interview photographers about their jobs and enrolled a B&W printing course through UCLA extension. In November 2002 I was given an opportunity to leave the banking business and I haven’t looked back since. Now I work for you.

Random Facts and Useless Trivia:
I’m the only son of an only son
I like to watch motorcycle and car building shows but wouldn’t know how to change the oil in my car
From K-12 I attended 10 different schools
Other than assisting one photographer and the UCLA extension class, everything I know about photography and lighting is self-taught
I named my daughter Grace because I love the meaning of the word
If I’m in a foul mood Stevie Ray Vaughn can usually pull me out
On July 15th 2006 I married Robin Teitelbaum
On July 16th 2006 I shaved my head
My first album was Kiss Alive II (Not sure why)
The first song that I remember really liking was Planet Rock by Afrika Bambaataa (I still like it today)
I’m a leo and like long walks on the beach (not really)

Photographed by Christian Romero

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  • Erin Van Dreason - 5 years ago

    Chuck, I was looking at photography websites and for some reason ended up here! I knew you in the 6th grade! Ha! Even when I saw your 5th grade picture you posted I knew it was you! You used to hang with Greg Viar and I was best friends with April Kirby and for the life of me I can’t remember the name of the school but I know it was Mrs. Eubanks as our teacher. Funny how small the world is. I was Erin Baker back then. Glad you are doing well! Your shots are amazing!

  • Ken Wallace - 4 years ago

    Hey Chuck,

    Happened upon your website whiles searching out info on the 5D Mark III, which I just purchased. I’m a film professional working in visual effects on features, and shoot for fun and to relieve work stress! I’ve become fascinated by shooting off-camera strobes and portrait work lately, and your work is inspiring. If you ever need someone to hold a reflector on a weekend shoot I’d love to learn from a pro!