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Super Bloom!

By on May 16, 2017

Here in California all we have been hearing and reading about is this season’s “super bloom”. As a result of all the rains we had this past winter the desert and wildflowers are having a banner year. A quick search reveals tons of incredible images of the wildflowers across California.  

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Being open to unexpected results

By on March 31, 2014
Sparklers in the dark
Sparklers in the dark

Last week a group of us ventured out to the Salton Sea for a photo shoot. Having been there once before and seen the desolation and decay I was excited to add a touch of beauty to the scene with my models. I had seen images of an abandoned motel near the Salton Sea and knew this would be a great place as it offered a variety of location options. I figured since were were passing by we’d also stop at the dinosaurs in Cabazon for a quick shoot on our way to the Salton Sea. Even though I had allotted plenty of time for hair, makeup, wardrobe and lunch I hadn’t planned on traffic getting out of LA (at 2PM) being so bad. I also didn’t allot for another 20 minutes for hair and makeup final touches when we got to Cabazon.

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Jordan Colton Motion Portraits

By on August 27, 2013

I started shooting behind the scenes video during shoots (while the model was in hair and makeup) to give me something to do. On most occasions a model will spend 60-90 minutes in the chair which gives me a lot of free time. The more I shoot and edit this footage, the more I learn. I learn by doing. I’d make a video and get to edit and realize it would have been better if…. Next time I made sure that “if” was taken care of. On this particular occasion it meant getting some more action direct to the camera as opposed to finishing the video with stills from the shoot.

This was shot back in June with Jordan Colton and Stacey Ellis. stacey has recently started a new venture. Be sure to check her out at Ellis Salon

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