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It costs how much?

By on November 2, 2011

A few years ago most commercial photographers wouldn’t stoop to shooting weddings and family portraits. It was beneath them. Some of the photographers that did, went to great lengths to hide their wedding and family work from their commercial clients. Although I separate my commercial and family work on different websites I’ve never been shy about either. I love working as a photographer. Period. I love shooting both and I’m proud of the work I do in both areas.

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head shots and portraits

The New Reality

By on May 11, 2011

Every photo my clients see gets edited in Photoshop. It could be as simple as an adjustment of the colors or contrast or a little dodging and burning but they all get a little love. The images in my portfolios and the final images I present to clients get a bit more love. This is the reality of professional photography. It’s not that what you see in magazines isn’t real, it’s that it’s a slightly improved reality. When I shoot head shots and portraits I like to tell my clients that I want the result of my retouching to look like they’ve just come off a week-long vacation and had the best night’s sleep in their life. I don’t set out trying to make a sixty year old look like she’s 40 (although one client had me take off a lot of years).

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